Graduate Students

Photo Person Contact Information Specialty Area
Fares Alzahrani Contact person by email Master of Science, Crop Science
Major Professor: Rory Mc Donnell
Aaron Anderson Contact person by email Ph.D., Horticulture
Major Professor: Gail Langellotto
Alexander Butcher Contact person by email

Major Advisor, Vaughn Walton

I am studying the use of synthetic elicitors as a pest management strategy in potatoes. I am also looking at mixed infection environments with Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum vectored by the potato psyllid and potato plants infected with PVY.

Crop Science option Entomology
Major Professor: Silvia Rondon
Emily Carlson Contact person by email

Major Advisor, Ramesh Sagili

How pesticide exposure differs between honey bees and native bees with varying landscape context.

Ph.D., Horticulture
Major Professor: Ramesh Sagili
Daniel Dalton Contact person by email

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Research on biological aspects of Drosophila suzukii;
  • Examination of biological control agents that may impact Drosophila suzukii populations;
  • Investigation of cultural controls against ...
    Ph.D., Horticulture
    Major Professor: Vaughn Walton
Claire Donahoo Contact person by email

Major Advisor, Nik Wiman

Her PhD will focus on dispersal patterns and nontarget effects of the samurai wasp, Trissolcus japonicus, a biological control agent of the brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys, in specialty crop areas in Oregon.

A native of Lincoln, NE, Claire received her BS in Fish & Wildlife Biology with a concentration in Conservation Biology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She then received her MS in Entomology at Montana State University in Bozeman, where she studied mortality dynamics of...
Ph.D., Horticulture
Major Professor: Nik Wiman

Serhan Mermer
Assistant Professor

Our lab focuses on understanding the toxicology, chemistry, and risk assessment of agrochemicals and pesticides in the environment, agriculture, and human health. My research area includes measuring the environmentally relevant levels of pesticides and agrochemicals in the environment, food,...
Ph.D., Horticulture, Entomology (option), and Toxicology (minor)

Scott Mitchell
Graduate Students
Contact person by email

My work involves field-based studies in invertebrate ecology in both natural and agricultural ecosystems. I am interested in studying the ecosystem effects of cattle, elk and deer grazing in rangelands riparian areas. I am particularly interested in the effects on native bee species and on...
PhD, Wildlife Science, MSc, Wildlife Science, 2020, Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching, 2020, BS, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), 2015
Major Professor: Sandra DeBano

Anthony Mugica Contact person by email

Biology and ecology of the Flathead borer

Master of Science, Horticulture
Major Professor: Nik Wiman
Kyoo Rok Park
Research Associate
Contact person by email

Ph.D., Horticulture
Major Professor: Vaughn Walton
Ryssa Parks Contact person by email

Nima Rad Contact person by email

Major Professor: Silvia Rondon