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Arthropods are Everywhere!

...so it should come as no surprise that Entomology at Oregon State is a diverse and collaborative program. We have students and faculty located both on and off-campus from the following Departments: 

College of Agricultural Sciences 

Botany and Plant Pathology

Crop and Soil Science

Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

Fisheries and Wildlife


College of Forestry

Forest Ecosystems & Society

College of Science

Integrative Biology



TIP: Most department sites listed above have an internal 'SEARCH' at the top right. Try words like 'insect', 'invertebrate', 'pest', 'bee', etc. in the search form. This will help direct you to appropriate faculty and lab webpages.


Some of our field faculty work through Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station branch locations. These are located throughout the state, to support the conditions and needs of the area. Find a location near you: beav.es/ZHV