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Ralph Berry
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IPM - Field crops and soil insects

Michael Burgett
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Apiculture; biology of Apis species

Brian Croft
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IPM - Systems; mites

Joseph DeFrancesco
Pesticide Registration Research Faculty—Emeritus
(541) 737-0718
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Extension IPM, Small fruit

Glenn Fisher
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(541) 737-5502
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Plant and livestock insects

George Hoffman
Research Associate
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Integrated Pest Management, crop pollination, slugs, mites, blue orchard bees (Osmia)

Paul Jepson
Professor, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
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  • Integrated pest management, including pesticide application, efficacy, drift management and ecological risk management
  • Population level risk assessment, particularly the importance of scale, landscape factors and long-term population processes
  • Applications of basic ecology...
Gerald Krantz
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Systematics - Acarology

Peter Mc Evoy
Professor, Emeritus
541-737-5507 x8371
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Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Insect Interactions, Ecology and Biological Control of Invasive Plant Species, Conservation of Plants and Insects

Description of Research

The research in my laboratory focuses primarily on the ecology of invasive plant species...

Jeffrey Miller
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One of my primary activities involves studies on natural enemies of exotic insect pests, namely the spotted wing Drosophila and the brown marmorated stink bug. Another top prioity project involves Lepidoptera: associating caterpillars with food plants, identification, and photography.


Andrew Moldenke
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George Poinar
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dune forest and wetlands

Helmut Riedl
Emeritus Appointment
Emeritus Faculty
541-386-2030 ext. 14
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Integrated pest management (IPM) on tree fruits; IPM programs as components of integrated fruit production (IFP) systems.

Research activities involve studies on the biology, ecology and management of insect and mite pests and their natural enemies on deciduous tree fruits. Main research...