Urban Entomology

Urban entomology is the study of insects and mites that affect people and their property. This site is a collection of .pdf  bulletins, factsheets and images of urban pests, their biology and, where appropriate, control. Emphasis is always on the least toxic approach to control.

This site contains information about using pesticides. Pesticides can be dangerous if used improperly or carelessly. Always follow label instructions. The pesticide product label is the final word on the safe and legal use of pesticides. Questions about pesticide toxicity can be explored at the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC). Control suggestions are intended for users in the state of Oregon, USA. Others should consult with local experts before relying solely on this information. Note that many of the chemicals mentioned in these documents are not registered for use by homeowners and can only legally be applied by a licenced professional.

Note: Most of these files are .PDFs.

Apple maggot, cherry fruit flies and other picture winged flies

Banded Alder Borer

Bed bugs

Box elder bugs

Carpenter ants

Carpet and hide beetles

Cluster Flies

Clothes Moths


Delusory Parasitosis

Fleas and Scabies

Head Lice

Indian Meal Moth and other pantry pests


Powderpost Beetles

Nuisance Ants



Yellowjackets and wasps


Ornamental Pine Pests

White Pine Weevil

Aphid and Adelgid Pests

European Pine Shoot Moth

Root Aphids on True Firs


Turf and Landscapes

European Crane Fly

Root Weevils

Sequoia Pitch Moth


Spiders (poisonous)

Hobo Spiders (Second source - Hobo Spiders)

Western Black Widow

Yellow Sac Spiders



Asian Longhorned Beetle