Discover the fascinating lives of insects and their close relatives, and their roles as pests, pollinators, parasitoids, and predators


If you're an intellectually curious, motivated student looking to explore all facets of insect biology, consider studying Entomology at Oregon State. 

The Entomology Program is an interdisciplinary program involving many faculty from across campus, comprising areas of entomology relating to:

  • Aquatic & riparian ecology
  • Pollinator conservation
  • Integrated pest management & applied Entomology
  • Temporal and spatial patterns In large species assemblages
  • Ecology and evolution of plant-insect interactions, and more

In the News

a new species of beetle from Burmese amber. Photo provided by George Poinar Jr., OSU College of Science.

“This new insect differs from a previous member of the genus described in Burmese amber by its small body size, weakly protruding eyes, long mandibles and narrow pronotum,” said Poinar, an international expert in using plant and animal life...

Bees pollinate many of our favorite foods like almonds apples and even 90%of all berries. But according to the  Department of Agriculture, there have been significant yearly declines in honeybee colonies since 2006. Researchers have listed many...

Christopher Marshall

An entomologist and curator for the Oregon State University Arthropod Collection for the last 15 years, Marshall is passionate about insects and their taxonomic relationships. In particular, he is a beetle guy.