Faculty & Faculty Research Associates

Name Department Research Interest
Man-yeon Choi Horticulture Chemical ecology, insect molecular physiology
Amy J. Dreves Crop and Soil Science IPM research, spotted wing Drosophila
Lousia Hooven Horticulture Circadian rhythms in insects
George Hoffman Crop and Soil Science Integrated pest management
Gail Langellotto Horticulture Urban and community horticulture
John Lambrinos Horticulture Landscape ecology
Jana Lee Horticulture Biologically-based methods for pest management
Jeff Miller Horticulture Insect ecology; Lepidoptera - caterpillar biology
Sujaya Rao Crop and Soil Science Pollinator conservation, Entomology program leader
Stuart Reitz Crop and Soil Science Cropping systems entomology
Silvia Rondon Crop and Soil Science Agricultural entomology, Biological control
Robin Rosetta Horticulture Pests and pest management in horticultural crops
Ramesh Sagili Horticulture Honey bee nutrition and health
Peter W. Shearer Horticulture Tree fruit entomology
Vaughn Walton Horticulture Vineyard and hazelnut IPM


Faculty Research Assistants & Postdoctoral Associates

Name Department Research Interests
Carolyn Breece Horticulture Apiculture
Danny Dalton Horticulture Entomology
Eric Echegaray HAREC Irrigated entomology
Jessica Green Horticulture Veg crop IPM, weed biocontrol
Rick Hilton Horticulture/SOREC Integrated pest management
Ruben Marchosky HAREC Entomology
Betsey Miller Horticulture IPM of fruit and nut crops
Carol Mills HAREC Insect identification
Alexzandra Murphy HAREC Irrigated entomology
Amanda Ohrn Crop and Soil Science Entomology
Amber Vinchesi Crop and Soil Science  
Nik Wiman Crop and Soil Science Irrigated entomology
Megan Woltz Horticulture Spotted wing drosophila


Other Entomologists at Oregon State University


Name Department Research Interest
Len Coop
Assistant Professor
Botany and Plant Pathology IPM decision support systems
Sandy Debano
Associate Professor
Fisheries and Wildlife Insect ecology
Joe DeFrancesco
Assistant Professor, Sr. Research
Horticulture Extension IPM, Small fruit
Gwendolyn Ellen
Faculty Research Assistant
Integrated Plant Protection Center Biological pest management
Jaga Giebultowicz
Associate Professor
Zoology Insect physiology
Paul Jepson
Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Quantitative insect ecology
Hang-Kwang (Hans) Luh
Assistant Professor, Sr. research
Botany and Plant Pathology Insect ecology
David Lytle
Assistant Professor
Zoology Aquatic entomology
David Maddison
Zoology Systematic entomology
Chris Marshall
Curator, Arthropod Collection
Zoology Systematics of Coleoptera
Peter McEvoy
Botany and Plant Pathology Insect biology
Andy Moldenke
Professor, Sr Research
Botany and Plant Pathology Soil arthropod biology
Darrell Ross
Forest Ecosystems and Society Ecology and management of forest insect pests
David Shaw
Associate Professor
Forest Engineering, Resources, and Management Management of forest insect pests
Jennifer Snyder
Faculty Research Assistant
Integrated Plant Protection Center Urban entomology
Carolyn VerLinden
Faculty Research Assistant
Botany and Plant Pathology  
David Wooster
Assistant Professor
Fisheries and Wildlife Insect ecology