Jessica  Green


integrated weed management
plant-insect interactions
brassica IPM
carabid beetles
winter cutworm
Jessica Green
Faculty Research Assistant

I work on integrated pest management options for vegetable, mint, and small fruit cropping systems in the Willamette Valley.

OSU Campus
Department of Horticulture
4017 Ag & Life Sciences Bldg.
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States
(541) 737-5456


  • Biological control of field bindweed and integration into perennial cropping systems 

  • Post-dispersal seed predation by ground beetles and weed ecology  

  • IR-4 ornamental horticulture projects including:

    • Liverwort control in greenhouses

    • Crop tolerance and herbicide efficacy trials for nursery stock

  • IPM in brassica crops


OSU Extension Publications:

2016 - Winter Cutworm: A New Pest Threat in Oregon (EM9139)

2015 - Home and Landscape Management (PNW Weed Management Handbook section T1)

2012 - An Introduction to Ground Beetles of the Willamette Valley (EM9042)

Outreach and Extension

  • VegNet - an advance warning and detection network for insect pests of vegetable crops
  • OSU BugZoo - hands-on learning and entomology curricula development for K-12