“I think we are fortunate to be in the position of being able to anticipate the threat from this pest," says Nik Wiman, a postdoctoral associate in Horticulture at OSU.(Growing Produce)
As for the most commonly used homemade baits, however, put away the saltshakers and leave the beer in a cooler, said Robin Rosetta, an entomologist with the OSU Extension Service. (ABC News)
Many aspects of bumblebee behavior are unknown, but better understanding may lead to bee-friendly agricultural practices, says Sujaya Rao.
Oregon State University hopes to aid research on the fruit-damaging spotted wing drosophila by providing online access to the fly's newly sequenced genome. (OSU Extension)
OSU entomologist Vaughn Walton points to a brown bug with a body shaped like a medieval shield and distinctive white stripes on its antennae. (Voice of America)